Santa Speedo Shuffle

Fundraising Tips

01. Share

Share your fundraising page through your Facebook, Twitter or other social media platform.

02. Remind your friends

Email and remind everyone who hasn’t donated yet every 2 weeks, we all get a little forgetful in our old age.

03. Stay updated

Keep your fundraising page up to date with new photos and videos, these can be of your training plan for the big day, even if you do aim to have a big Santa belly like me.

04. Thank your donors

When someone makes a donation, make sure you say Thank you. Why not send them a Christmas card or post on their Facebook page. At least thank them on your fundraising page as this will be emailed to them.

05. Spread the word

Tell everyone what you are doing. Not just your friends, family and colleagues, but also your hairdresser, doctor or butcher.

Santa Speedo Shuffle

Yes, you read that right! Santa hats. Speedos. Canberra. Winter!

The ultimate winter challenge for Canberrans brave enough to don a Santa hat and speedos and run a hot lap of Lake Burley Griffin.