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In memory of Head Santa Andy

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Avatar Name Raised
Maddison Breust
Team Leader
Rachel Murray $249.50
Jess Mielke $161.90
Brendan Clive $127.65
Courtney Bedford $103.20
Alana Bain $0.00

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Status Updates

$51.70 from Kaleen TAB

$103.20 from Tom

Sorry I couldn't get there to do it with you all!

$51.70 from Clare Winzenberg

$51.70 from Rachael Knight

$50.00 from Laura Sverdrupsen

Go team Mmmbrizzle!!

$25.95 from Stephen Holmes

$51.70 from Sos Hawkins

$25.00 from Caitlin Howell

$257.70 from Toody

Go Madd! Awesome effort!๐Ÿ˜˜

$20.00 from Lisa Williams

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