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The Jetty, Lake Burley Griffin

Santa Shuffler - 2 x Adult + 2 x Child (5-17 years)

Status Updates

$100.00 from Jen Brain

Well done team xx

Thank you Jen!! That’s lovely of you xxx

$51.70 from Emma & Ryan Lonsdale

Well done on your run yesterday. I’m sure it was freezing but such an important event. Thinking of you guys. x

Thanks so much Em and Ryan! Very kind of you to support us!

$50.00 from Claire, Pete and Ella

Well done shufflers. A great way to honour Andy.

Thanks so much Claire, Pete and Ella, that is so kind of you! It was indeed a lovely way to honour our Andy. Xxx

$51.70 from Salmons

Good luck Team Campbell-Prowse! 😀💪🥶

Thank you so much Salmon family! So kind of you to support us!!! Xx

$200.00 from Sal and Ed Campbell

Go team! Remembering Andy on Sunday (and always) xx

Thanks so much Sal and Ed, your wonderful support is hugely appreciated!! X

$100.00 from Sally Campbell

Thanks so much Sal, that’s very kind of you to support us and we really appreciate it! Xxx

$103.20 from Elizabeth Maxwell

Go Carla and Sandy! 💪🏻💪🏻

Thanks so much Maxie! Very lovely of you to support us xxx

$25.00 from Michael Hilliar

Go well team Prowse-Bell

Thanks so much Mike!! Lovely of you to support us! Xxx

$103.20 from Elizabeth Morrow Foley

Much love to you all, honouring Andy

Thanks so much Liz, so lovely of you. We really appreciate your support! Xxx

$25.00 from Kylie Jackson

Go team Campbell! Wish I could be there to do this with you. xx

Thanks Kylie and Jackson fam for your lovely support!! Send us some warm weather from your sunnier climes on the day!

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$72,880.67 raised

Target: $50,000.00


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