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In memory of the one and only Prowsemaster

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The Jetty, Lake Burley Griffin

Santa Shuffler - 2 x Adult + 2 x Child (5-17 years)

Status Updates

$50.00 from Frankfurt & Dillbert

Fantastic work team Foster Coffee!

Thanks so much guys. We really appreciate it.

$250.00 from Tom Hancock

Thinking of you legends today (and chief legend Prowsey of course). Sorry I couldn’t be there shuffling alongside you, we’ve got family in town etc! All our love, Tom, Cam and Sam xxx

Legends. Thanks so much xx

$15.65 from The Brownhill’s

Great work guys. Hope you manage to stay warm!

Thanks neighbours! Really appreciate it :)

$25.00 from Lisa Rigby

Well done guys. Great cause!

Thanks so much Lisa :)

$25.00 from Reid Gosling

Move fast like ninjas guys- you’ll be great x

We were so fast Reid. Thanks heaps :)

$51.70 from Sally Barker

Such a great way to remember a great guy!

Thanks so much Sal. Definitely a great bloke :)

$103.20 from Dane Kelly


ooh yeah. Thanks Rev

$200.00 from Megan Obi

Happy shuffling guys, wish we could join you. In loving memory xox

Thanks so much Megan. We really appreciate it :)

$25.00 from Emmy Toffee

Thanks Emmy :)

$100.00 from Aaron, Tam and Juni

Go Foster Coffees!!!

Yew! thanks so much

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