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The Jetty, Lake Burley Griffin

Santa Shuffler - 1 x Adult

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$330.83 from Nicole McCabe

For the best people I have ever known, I would happily freeze my knees off. Good work getting away with not wearing pants on national TV.

$103.20 from Anonymous

In honour of Alicia <3

$1,030.20 from Katie Whitehead

$50.00 from Marc Baizman

This is the best, Heidi! Sending hugs from San Diego!

$25.00 from Barbra Blain

$20.80 from Ash Commens

Love your work Heidi!

$40.00 from Bridie Duggan

Congratulations Heidi and Andrew with all that you both achieved ♥️

$100.00 from Sally Wodzinski

So special donning the red and white to remember Andy and raise awareness and funds for CF.

$3,664.00 from Anonymous

$103.20 from Ingrid Tomanovits

Amazing work Heidi! More power to you

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$72,880.67 raised

Target: $50,000.00


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