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In memory of the greatest shuffler of all, Prowsie ❤️❤️❤️

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Virtual event

Satellite Shuffler - 1 x Adult

Status Updates

$20.80 from Jen

Thanks Jen! Xx

$5.00 from Jane Kerr

$172.11 from Fred Pah

You reach your target now 😊😁😊

Oh thanks Fred! Much appreciated xxx

$103.20 from Lauren Starkey

Good luck!! Xx

Thanks Lauren! Thankfully not too cold 😊

$25.95 from Jane Hynes

Great work Kate! xx

Thanks Jane!! Xx

$25.00 from Sarah Swan

All the best tomorrow Kate!

Naww thanks Sarah 😊 x

$20.00 from Mary Seach

Thanks Mema 😘

$30.00 from Anonymous

$128.95 from Adam Cabot

Good work Kate. Proud of you!

Thanks Adam x

$95.95 from Stacey Brown hair dressing

Thanks Stace 😘

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