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The Jetty, Lake Burley Griffin

Santa Shuffler - 1 x Adult

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$103.20 from Sylvia Pawsey

$25.95 from Jodie Gallagher

$103.20 from Lyn Hoek

Well done Ruth

$50.00 from Stephanie Alchin

Well done Ruth xx

$103.20 from John Lauer

Glad to help a worthy cause! Thanks for doing it!

$51.70 from Hannah and Nico le Roux

$25.00 from Kay de Mestre

$206.20 from Ian, Kate, Luke, and Dom Gunning

$51.70 from Jenny Goldring

Great cause!
Hope you get to wear your onesie!!

$50.00 from Jodie McKenna

Anything to see Ruth Bock dressed out of character for the late and great Andy Prowse. Shuffle Ruthie Shuffle!

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$72,880.67 raised

Target: $50,000.00


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