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The Jetty, Lake Burley Griffin

Santa Shuffler - 2 x Adult + 2 x Child (5-17 years)

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$250.00 from Robbie Rynehart

$100.00 from The Ryans

$25.00 from Donna Gladding

Well done

$25.00 from Kim Middleton

Go Igman! 💪🏻

$25.95 from Janet E Harmer

The best humans! xoxo

$20.80 from Joanne Dey

Top effort Igs. Jo Dey

$103.20 from Anderson Kiessler’s

$51.70 from Bradshaw Family


$25.00 from Kellie Lambert

You guys are amazing!

$200.00 from Monica Puntoriero

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$6,079.69 raised

Target: $2,500.00


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