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We are shuffling for Dash the Brave who doesn’t skip a beat and for Andy number 1 Santa who is dearly missed

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Avatar Name Raised
Carly Dewey
Team Leader
Neil Dewey $2,882.80
Deb Battaglene $1,420.85
Hannah Dewey $967.60
Steven Whild $482.15

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Status Updates

$100.00 from Ashwin, Tania, Cristiano and Allegra

We are on team Dash!!!

Thank you so much Ashwin, Tania, Cristiano and Allegra we so appreciate it!

$100.00 from Michelle Martiniello

Love you Dash! Love the Martiniello’s!!

Thank you so much Martiniello's!!

$103.20 from Samantha Paterson

Gooooo Dashie ❤️❤️

love you Booey

$100.00 from Jed Andrews

Thank you Jed!!! come for a jump on the tramp soon

$103.20 from Martin Schubert

Thank you so much Martin!!

$103.20 from Corinna Cotterill

Love you Dash. From oma ,opa ,great aunty Corinna and cousin Ryan. Xxxxx

Thank you so much family! we miss you!

$50.00 from Natalie Solomko

Thanks Nap!!!!

$257.70 from Nine Arrows Construction

Love you Dash the Brave

Thank you so much Nine Arrows!!

$103.20 from Jasmin Cerni

Woooooohoooooo love ya Dewey’s ❤️🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏼

Thank you so much Godparents!!

$257.70 from Catherine Avis

Good Luck Team Dash!!

Thank you so much Catherine its so appreciated!

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