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$500.00 from Carolyn and Eddie

We are a bit late to your "Santa Shuffle" Neil, but so happy to support you and Cystic Fibrosis ACT. Hope you had fun and the frost bite wasn't too bad. Carolyn and Eddie

OMG - thank you so much guys. That's very kind. I have finally thawed out :-)

$100.00 from Tricia Ashelford

Very kind of you Tricia - thank you

$50.00 from Nick Nelson

Thanks Nick. See you on the water.

$103.20 from South Coast Sports Podiatry

Good on ya mate. All the best to your little battler and all other folks managing with CF or living with those who do.
Love ya work and looking forward to the next dram.

Ha, even AFTER I posted a photo!! Thank you. Catch up soon...

$51.70 from Mark Flanigan

Well done mate.

Thanks Mark. Were you worried I wouldn't make it :-)

$50.00 from Jen Hampshire

Thanks Jen. Much appreciated :-)

$103.20 from Neil McKinlay

It was cold for me riding while wearing multiple layers. I can’t imagine jocks and socks in a Canberra winter. Run HARD

Thank you so much Macca. Yes, it was very cold. But worth it

$51.70 from Julie Westrup

Thank yo so much Julie :-)

$100.00 from Paul Cave

Santa Neil sprint for a great cause 👌

Thank you so much Paul

$25.00 from Anne Coll

Good luck Neil!

Thanks Anne

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